HEBE Leather Balm - 100% Natural Leather Care


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We understand that your boots represent an investment.  

Our Leather Balm will protect, condition and waterproof your leather. This is what we use on our boots at home. We recommend you use it regularly to keep your leather in peak condition.

Made in New Zealand, our product is hand crafted and 100% Natural. We follow nature’s example and keep our products pure and simple to ensure they protect you, your loved ones, your home, environment and ultimately our planet.


Rub a small amount into clean, dry leather with a sponge or soft cloth. Leave to absorb for a few minutes and then buff to shine. Repeat as often as you like.


Natural beeswax, plant oils and jojoba oil



- Leather may darken slightly, we always recommend a spot test before use. Not for use on suede. HEBE Leather Balm comes with application sponge.