Your beautiful Omega Vegan EH model was developed based on the needs of women in manufacturing, construction, and other demanding industries. Named for the Greek symbol Ω that measures electrical resistance the boot has an official Electrical Hazard certification (18,000 volts).

It features a lightweight design that was specifically sculpted to fit a woman’s foot. Your pair of Omegas was handcrafted in North America using high-performance Vegan Leather. This advanced material replicates the beautiful aesthetics of natural leather at a microscopic level while being breathable, lightweight, and highly resistant to water, chemicals, abrasion, tearing, tension, flexion, and perspiration. 

These ASTM certified and OSHA compliant vegan safety boots are so stylish, that some may question if they’re really steel-toes. That is why we included an official certification card for you to show as proof.

We make fashionable, comfortable, responsibly-made workwear to help professional women express their personality and confidence. Walk seamlessly from the construction site to the office and beyond!


‣ ASTM F2413-18 Certified (OSHA Compliant)
‣ Electrical Hazard Certification (EH 18,000 Volts)
‣ Impact and Compression Resistant Steel Toe (I/75 C/75)
‣ Oil and Chemical Resistant Outsole (ASTM D471)
‣ Dual-Density Slip-Resisting Outsole (ASTM F2913 for Dry and Wet Surfaces)
‣ Durable & Waterproof Vegan Leather (Resistant to Abrasion, Tearing, Flexion)
‣ Low-Conductivity Zipper with Auto-Lock Technology (Outside Foot)

‣ Lightweight Design for Women by Women
‣ Unique Form Eliminates Bulk (Fits a Woman’s Foot)
‣ Comfortable Ankle Padding
‣ Breathable Mesh Lining (Air-Flow Technology)
‣ Impact Absorbing Antimicrobial Insole (Eliminates Odors)
‣ Available Wide Sizes

‣ Stunning Smoky Gray Color
‣ Almond Shaped Steel Toe Cap
‣ Handcrafted in North America
‣ Delivery Box Made from Recycled Cardboard

Fit & Care

‣ This model is available in sizes that will fit most women. It does run a bit small, so please make sure to go 1/2 size up
‣ Each foot is truly unique and the Omega Vegan boots may not be perfect for you. Fear not, because we have a worry-free exchange or return policy if you don't find your fit to be optimal (as long as you do not wear your Xenas outside while you test the fit and break them in)
‣ Here is a detailed size chart with the dimensions of all of our models
‣ If you have any questions or your fit still doesn't feel great please contact us by email support@xenaworkwear.com or by phone 414-420-1222 and we’ll help you right away

‣ The beautiful Omega Vegan boots can take 3-5 days to break-in as the footbed settles and the padding takes on the shape of your foot
‣ Please🙏 avoid wearing your new Xenas outside or at work until you're certain that the size and fit work well for you. Unfortunately our small team cannot accept boots in used condition with dirt or marks on them
‣ If your feet are feeling comfortably snug then you have a good fit
‣ If you are still experiencing uncomfortable tightness after trying them on at home for a bit then we recommend initiating an exchange for a 1/2 size larger

‣ We use high-performance Vegan Leather that's resistant to the elements, however, dirt can still collect on the surface
‣ To clean, simply wipe your Xenas down with a cloth using warm, soapy water
‣ Avoid placing your shoes next to a direct heat source as they dry to prevent material damage

‣ Your boots are built to last and we can help to restore the stylish appearance of even heavily worn Xenas by taking them to our fountain of youth
‣ We've partnered with a professional U.S. cobbler to give you access to a professional Xena cobbler service that is priced at cost
‣ Unfortunately due to the unique EH outsoles of the Omega Vegan boots, we cannot replace the heels


Our goal is to give you the best quality safety products that pass rigorous quality control and certification testing. However, since each Omega Vegan EH Safety Boot is handcrafted, there can be a rare anomaly. That is why your steel-toes are covered by our 6-Month Footwear Warranty. We will always do our best to help you out 🙏.

Xena Footwear Warranty covers any manufacturing, workmanship, or material defects on all of our models for 6-months after your purchase. Depending on the situation, we will either repair or replace your beautiful Xenas.

Normal wear and tear is expected over the lifespan of safety footwear. Our warranty does not cover the deterioration caused by use and natural exposure over time resulting in leather discoloration, scuffs, wrinkles, worn-down outsoles, insoles, etc. Our warranty also does not cover any accidental damage sustained to the shoes.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Omega Vegan boots, please email us
at support@xenaworkwear.com or call 414-367-8424.

-Xena Team

Exchanges & Returns

‣ We believe in providing you with the best customer service which includes worry-free exchanges and returns as long as your shoes are sent back to us in new condition within a 30-day window upon delivery
‣ We will cover your to-and-from shipping costs in the United States

‣ Please make sure your shoes are in new condition. Unfortunately, our small team cannot accept exchanges or returns for used boots with signs of wear 😔
‣ To initiate your Exchange or Return please navigate to our site portal via button below
‣ You'll need to input your order number and shipping zip code to start
‣ Select your reason for exchange or return and submit the request
‣ Please package the original box and inserts into your shipping box, but DO NOT use our original shoe box as your shipping box
‣ We will mail out your exchange pair soon after receiving your shipping confirmation
‣ We will issue a refund after we receive and inspect your shoes to confirm that they are in good condition (or are covered by our Warranty)
‣ Refunds may take 5-10 days to process (depending on your Credit Card company)
‣ If your boots show signs of wear then we will contact you privately to arrange payment on our assessed restocking fee

‣ Our Exchange and Returns Portal has a 30-day return window but if your Xenas are still new and you are outside of that window, please contact us and we will try to help you out 😊
‣ Email: support@xenaworkwear.com
‣ Phone: 414-420-1222‬‬